Collision Process

Learn About Our Process

Collision Step One

Step 1: Estimate & Schedule

Our estimator will inspect your vehicle and begin to document the damage in the form of an estimate. Your schedule date will be set for drop off.

Collision Step Two

Step 2: Drop Off

Upon receiving approval, we will order the necessary parts to begin the repairs. On some vehicles, parts delivery may take longer. You will be notified of any delays.

Collision Step Three

Step 3: Disassembly

At this point, your car will be assigned to a technician. They will disassemble the car and review the estimate, recording any damage. We will then prepare a supplement and submit it to be approved by your insurance company.

Collision Step Four

Step 4: Repairs

Once the supplement has been approved, any necessary additional parts will be ordered. We will continue with the repairs.

Collision Step Five

Step 5: Refinishing

Once the repairs to the body have been made, your vehicle will move into the paint department. Most vehicles take approximately two days to paint.

Collision Step Six

Step 6: Assembly

Your vehicle will then be returned to the technician where it will undergo final assembly.

Collision Step Seven

Step 7: Detailing

When your vehicle has completed the repair process, it will be cleaned and restored to pre-accident condition.

Collision Step Eight

Step 8: Quality Check

A final quality check will be completed at this time. To ensure the vehicle meets our high standards. Your job is complete, and pick up will be scheduled.

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