Mechanical Process

Learn About Our Process

Mechanical Step One

Step 1: Get in Touch

Whether you reach us by a walk-in, phone call, email, or online message, we are happy to talk about how we can help you. We’ll discuss the problem, how we can fix it, how long it should take, offer a rough estimate, establish your expectations and timeline, and introduce our business and process.

Mechanical Step Two

Step 2: Initial Test & Diagnostics

When you bring your car in, we use a holistic approach. You’ll meet the service writer, our technicians will take your vehicle for a test drive, and then we put it on the hoist to do a bumper to bumper visual inspection. Before performing any service, we will also use the latest diagnostic equipment to help determine the cause of the problem and give you an estimate of the cost.

Mechanical Step Three

Step 3: Service Preparation

Our technicians and service writers will explain in easy terms the parts and labor needed to get the job done. We will make service recommendations in the interest of your peace of mind, but we will only fix what you authorize us to fix. Our team will also help you prioritize your vehicle’s services based on your needs.

Mechanical Step Four

Step 4: Vehicle Repair

Once service is authorized by you, our certified technicians will begin the repair. Your vehicle will always be our priority. If requested, we will save the old parts for you to view at any point.

Mechanical Step Five

Step 5: Final Test Drive

After our vehicle repairs are finished, it’s time to take the vehicle out for a second test drive. The second test drive is our personal confirmation of a job well done, before we hand the keys back.

Mechanical Step Six

Step 6: Clean Up

When we promise to send you and your car away in better condition than we found it, that means cleanliness as well. We take pride in our work, and will go the extra mile to be sure not to leave our “mechanic’s marks” when we’re done.

Mechanical Step Seven

Step 7: Check Out

Once your vehicle is ready, we will call you, letting you know the job is done. We will review the work done and remind you of any future repairs that may be needed. Please share any questions or concerns with us at check out - your smiling face at the end of service is our goal!

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